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Our methods have helped 1000’s of people, including
- Back surgery patients
- Pro basbeball players
- Pro football players
- Pro tennis players
- Professional mom’s
- Business people
- Kids
- Weekend warriors
- Pro fighters
- Pro track and field
- Many many more.

“You work wonders!!! I wanted to say "Thank you so much" for relieving the strong pain that I had in my lower back….. I can see now why you are so highly recommended. Keep up the great work!”


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You can’t compare us because there is NOBODY like us, NOBODY.

We are the first to actually deliver QUALITY back pain care in a non-medical facility.


“This is the first brave step to truly integrating the different professionals within the Health and Fitness industry and I applaud Chris for creating such a thorough yet easy to follow guide in this book Exercise Progression, Low Back Disorders. Recommend this to every Health and Fitness Professional you know”.

~Richard Boyd, Co Founder, Personal Training on the Net

Still wondering HOW to GET RID of your BACK PAIN?
Give us 4 hours and WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW!
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Back Pain Boot Camps

A Safe, Proven & Highly Effective Program

This includes a complete evaluation, my $150 gift to you.

* Price with package. Twice a week is $17.50 for a 6 week package and $20 drop-ins are
also available, but results will vary without full participation and are not guaranteed.

I cannot believe the price myself! Seriously, you will not find anything that even remotely compares to this deal.

The only thing that compares on a price scale is a regular boot camp, but they have no clinical experience or knowledge of low back pain.

We give you CLINICAL EXPERIENCE for a rate that cannot be beat by anyone, not even close.

And if you are stuck on trying to get your insurance to cover your rehab, I totally understand, but I must tell you, a LARGE percentage of my clients come from these places that will take your insurance, and well, they just don’t get the results that I do. In fact they usually get NO results is what my clients tell me.

It is no coincidence that they send me THEIR PATIENTS and PAY ME to TEACH THEM!

So if you would like to save some time and get better NOW, please contact me for a free consultation and I will be happy to answer all of your questions and even show you what we will be doing during the program.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Still not convinced to train with us yet? Then check out our...

Top Ten Reasons We are #1 for Low Back Pain Exercises

1. Chris has written a book (with more on the way) about low back pain that serves as a textbook for his students.
2. Doctors and health professionals PAY CHRIS to teach them his methods through his own institute, NIHS.
3. Most doctors and therapists do not know how to evaluate the muscles for function or have any clue about pain patterns from trigger points. Chris TEACHES THIS STUFF.
4. Chris has overcome low back pain himself to compete as a Junior Olympic athlete in TWO sports.
5. Before Exercise Progression, Chris was the head of TWO different clinics dealing with pain, injuries and spinal surgeries.
6. We work with professional athletes, post-surgical patients, and YOU, no matter what level you are.
7. Chris will systematically progress you by using PROVEN methods from his well respected Low Back Pain Manual AND keep the program individualized by giving you an in-depth evaluation before the it starts.
8. We are the only low back pain boot camp, PERIOD.
9. We are the only place that uses The Posture Stick™, which was invented by Chris and helps you maintain ideal alignment throughout all movements.
10. Doctors refer THEIR patients to Chris.

And if you still aren’t convinced that we are the best in the Bay Area at what we do, then Contact Chris for a free consultation to see if WE CAN HELP YOU.

So now that you know what an UNBEATABLE PROGRAM this is and that you are only 6 weeks away from a life without pain, let me tell you some things...


Welcome to our Back Pain Boot Camp, also known as Low Back School.
Because of Chris’ extensive experience in working with all levels of back pain, this is the only boot camp of its kind that includes pain management and relief from lower back pain without the stuffy Dr.’s office or therapy room feeling. We promise to keep you safe, have fun, and get results that you can’t even imagine right now.

Actually, we may just give you your BEST BODY YET!

Whether you have chronic pain, joint pain, sciatica, nerve pain or arthritis, this program is tailored so that everyone who is cleared for exercise can progress at their own speed according to their specific back pain and diagnosis.

The boot camp is done at our center and is based on Chris Hallford’s book, Exercise Progression for Low Back Disorders. We will teach you anatomy, injury mechanisms, daily activity modifications (D.A.M.’s), and exercises that safely progress ANYBODY with low back pain, just as it has done for Chris’s clients over the last 12 years in clinics and gyms all around the Bay Area.

These methods are full proof if you follow the plan.
This program was highly successful in clinics with spinal surgery patients.
 This program is also extremely successful with professional athletes.
So trust us, it will work for YOU.

The camp is a great mixture of people who will each have their own program and specific details based on their initial complimentary evaluation.

Throughout each class you will do your specific corrective exercises, total body and functional exercises, and stretches.

Everything here is circuit training based with safety as a HIGH priority. We start with slow, endurance exercises and progress to more speed and strength.

Because movement and stability start at the core and low back, the training strategies used to improve functional deficiencies for all types of people share a common theme; they all start at the core and work their way out.

This means that two people with very different issues can follow a similar exercise regimen and get GREAT RESULTS.

Now add to that a specific program that matches your diagnosis or situation and you will see how Exercise Progression is doing something that nobody else offers. 

This system allows for people to progress from different places and all end up together with a common ground of high function and NO PAIN.

How can we do that?
Well, our philosophy is simple and effective; we treat you like a cup. Nooo, not an inanimate cup, but a human cup that holds your stress allowance and is susceptible to overflowing into symptoms when more drops are added than removed.

These drops come from stress and can be in the form of exercises, stretches, long car rides, saggy beds, etc.

We know that if you’re deprived of sleep, do not drink enough water and have poor coping mechanisms to stress, then your cup will constantly be close to overflowing into a flare-up and in need of some emptying before adding more stresses.

So if your cup is close to overflowing, then we make sure you remove more drops than you add.

You will find that all of our programs are evidence-based, proven in clinics and gyms, and achieve results that not only improve your pain drastically, but they also keep the pain from coming back.

The Back Pain Boot Camps progress as stated below and start on the dates listed on the schedule.

Boot Camp Progression – 6 weeks each level

  • Level I is education about injury mechanisms, specific circuits that mimic real-life actions and engrain proper coordination (D.A.M.’s/functional training), and specific activation exercises for the stabilizer muscles aimed at improving posture and imbalances specific to your needs.
  • Level II focuses on activating the bigger muscles with more advanced exercises.
  • Level III integrates all types of exercises at a low to moderate level, and thus prepares the body for any type of training.
  • Level IV is optional advanced training that includes sports performance and other high demand activities which are available upon request.

*All participants with acute low back pain will need a doctor’s referral.
*All participants will receive a complimentary evaluation to make sure the course is individualized and appropriate.
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I few years ago I started experiencing debilitating hip and back pain that kept me from competing in triathlons, and, as a trainer and group fitness instructor, limited my abilities greatly. I saw a sports ortho who did x-rays and basically told me to take it easy, stop competing (at only 28!), and take Advil for the pain, that there was no "real" injury. I worked with Chris and had heard great things about his practice, so decided to give him a try. After one 30 minute session, I was pain-free, and even more importantly, was educated on why I was in pain, and how to keep myself pain-free in the future. He's gotten me through lots of other pain issues over the years, allowing me to continue the work I love!
~ Dawn

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